Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Author Updates


I chose Free Kittens because it was the name of a humorous education-related newsletter I used to write to amuse fellow teachers (and later raise money for ailing local students and their families). The reason it came to be called Free Kittens is the result of being reprimanded for posting untitled rants and/or observations related to school business to people who didn’t necessarily want to read them. So, the name Free Kittens (due to the fact that, at the time, many teachers used the system for personal communication, like selling stuff) became sort of a code word for those who did enjoy my observations. Everyone else could simply delete the email. Later, when the district mandated that our email system could only be used for district business, I began to publish Free Kittens as hard-copy issues, given only to chose who wanted them. The name stuck, and was sort of a running gag to those who enjoyed it.

It only made sense to use that name for my blog. And since it is no longer published through any school resources, I’m free to write whatever I want (education-related or not). I did need to modify the title, though. Upon first Googling Free Kittens, I was inundated by thousands of site actually advertising free cats, along with a few sex sites. So now, at least for awhile, this blog is called D.M. Anderson’s Free Kittens, which is probably the best move, since keywords still promote me as an author, and I get to retain the running gag I’ve cherished for years.


My second novel is still on-schedule to be published in November, first as an ebook, later as a paperback once it sells enough copies. For those of you who bought, read and enjoyed Killer Cows, I personally think this one is better, although a lot different and definitely not a sequel.


A lot of people have asked me if there will be a sequel to Killer Cows. All I can say right now is that is still up-in-the-air. I’d like to write a Cows sequel, because there is a lot of unfinished business with these characters, and especially since most of those who read and/or reviewed it have really liked it. But writing a novel is a long endeavor, and I’m not too keen on spending the better part of a year writing a sequel to a novel that few people have read.


I’m still revising this one, my first flat-out YA horror novel. At first, I intended it to be the darkest, most violent and bleak novel so far. But I’ve since decided the book would be better with a lot more humor and whimsy. So, the revision process will take awhile. I’m thinking it will still be bloody, but fun-bloody, like Army of Darkness. I’m soon post an excerpt to get some feedback.


Anyone who’s ever read my stuff knows I’ve always been influenced and infatuated with movies. This is a work-in-progress which details the movies which have had a direct or indirect impact or influence on my personal and professional life, under the tongue-in-cheek guise of being an actual movie guide. At the same time, the book does provide trivia and true background information about the films discussed. Blockbusters, classics, cult films, award winners and obscure titles are all included in this one, interspersed with narrative explaining why they are important, and how specific movies can reflect and/or impact one’s life.

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