Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Printer's Row Lit Fest (June 12-13)

The annual Printer's Row Lit Fest, held in Chicago every year, is coming up. I wish I could go, since my publisher (Echelon Press) and many of my author friends (Nick Valentino, L.J. Sellers and J.R. Turner and Norm Cowie) will be there, signing their books. But, alas, even if I could afford the 2000 mile trek, I'll still be teahcing and I feel like I'm missing out. Hopefully, Killer Cows will be able to have some kind of presense there in my absence.

If you're in the Chicago are during those dates, you need to check it out. There are some great authors, ready to sign some awesome novels. Here's the press release and link for furthor info:


( May 28, 2010 --

May 28, 2010–Laurel, Maryland–Nashville author Nick Valentino (THOMAS RILEY) will be one of 16 Echelon Press authors signing his book at the 2010 Printers Row Lit Fest. With the recent launch of his debut Young Adult Novel, Nick Valentino will join fellow Quake authors, J.R. Turner (SCHOOL'S OUT 4-EVER), Kieryn Nicolas (RAIN), Sam Morton (BETRAYED), Marlis Day (SECRETS OF BAILEY'S CHASE), and Norm Cowie (FANG FACE). Nothing will stop this group of authors from entertaining and meeting readers at Tent FF on June 12-13, 2010 in Chicago, IL. The Quake authors will be signing books, talking about eBooks, and doing photo opps with readers over the entire weekend. You can find more information on Printers Row online or contact the Chicago Tribune.

Echelon Press is more than a little proud of their Quake authors who offer fresh and innovative stories for young readers to dive into. Quake, a division of Echelon Press, was developed specifically to reach readers between the ages of 10 and 20. "It's exciting to discover that adults enjoy our books as much as the young readers. It is totally gratifying," says owner Karen Syed. The authors not only put their hearts into every book they write, but they live for the personal interaction with readers. This fact has made them festival favorites across the nation.

Nick Valentino is a creative force to be reckoned with. Possessing talent in a variety of creative venues, this young dynamo is a musician, an artist, and now an author. Over the years, Valentino has tried his hand and succeeded at many things, but he seems to have found a real niche in the Steampunk genre of novels. With thousands of books sold in a very short time, he has become a favorite among Steampunk fans and industry professionals. He has recently been approached about the possibility of his THOMAS RILEY character being adapted into a graphic novel.

The Quake authors have become favorites among the attendees of Printers Row, bringing back teachers, students, and librarians each year to find out what's new and to just chat. Nick Valentino will be in attendance at the Lit Fest for the first time this year. If his appearances at prior events since the release of THOMAS RILEY are any indication, the crowds will be large and happy around the Echelon Press/Quake tent.

President and CEO of Echelon Press says Nick Valentino is "A sight to behold in all his Steampunk regalia. Always smiling and charming readers of all ages and from all walks of life, Nick is just incredible."

For more info on Echelon Press, Quake, or any of its authors contact Karen Syed at 301-490-2507. On site Interviews can be arranged for the Printers Row Lit Fest.

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