Saturday, April 24, 2010

Google Thyself

It’s fun to Google yourself (it’s also funny how that statement would’ve sounded perverted ten years ago).

Every morning before work I Google my novel, Killer Cows, just to see what pops up. Most links are to this blog site, but a few reviews are popping up here and there. I think the most bizarre has to be from a website in Belgium (!), written completely in Dutch. Google was able to, rather crudely, translate it into English (sort of). It was a reasonably favorable review, and the direct word-for-word translation is actually kind of amusing. And who knows? Maybe someday I can have a tee-shirt made which says I’m big in Belgium! Here’s the link:

Mary Lewis at Virtual Wordsmith ( ) wrote a short but very positive review as well, which I’m grateful for:

Never assume you know what shape an alien will take, it will probably be the last thing you expected. Killer Cows is a terrific sci-fi book for young adults - action packed, fun and entertaining! But, it's also an excellent interpretation of what happens when we don't take care of the things we need to sustain us.

If you're looking for a book to add to your child's Summer reading list, Killer Cows is a book they'll enjoy reading, and also learn from.

Anyway, it’s always nice reading opinions of those I’ve never met, and hopefully others will read those reviews and decide the novel’s worth buying. As I think I’ve said before, getting word out the book even exists is hard...maybe even harder than actually writing the thing. And, Killer Cows being my first published book, I’m still learning.

Sales are low right now, but every little bit helps, and I appreciate those who took the time and thought my novel was worth writing about.

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