Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Greatest American? Ask a 7th Grader!

In my classroom, there is a daily assignment called Boardwork, in which kids (7th Graders) take the first ten minutes of respond to a writing prompt. One question I give every year is “In your opinion, who is the greatest American who ever lived and why?” I never fail to get more than a few amusing responses, not to mention an awareness that some kids aren't paying much attention in Social Studies class. The following are a few of the responses I received this year (transcribed verbatim):

“Martian Luther King because he changed the rule of black people.”

“The greatest American is Jon F. Kenndey because he is rich. He is preident for a state that I forgot.”

“Martin Luther King because he freed slaves and gave a good speech.”

“It has to be Michael Jordan. Because hes rich and when he sleeps he gets money for free.”

“Jonny Depp because hes the best actor I have seen.”

“Mike Tyson is pretty cool. I named my dog after him.”

“Chris Brown because he’s soooo cute! He also has his own band.”

“This girl I met at my friends house. She is so nice to everyone and she is a senior in high school.”

“Ozzy Osborn cuz he’s got great music.”

“I don’t know who the greatest person who ever lived. But I know the dummest. My brother!”

“Martin Luther King was one of the gates humans who ever lived. Because he started to free blakes.”

“George Washnington because he freed so many slaves. He did it even though he was going to die.”

“Martin Luther King because he made black and white get along.”

“The person who invented electricity because without electricity there would be no TV.”

“Eminem. Because he’s one of the few people who changed the world with his lyrics.”

“The guy who invented the tooth brush.”

“My grandpa is the greatest because he let me sit on his lap while he was driving and let me help him drive.”

“Abe Lincoln. Even though he drank he was still a good person.”

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  1. LOL! I sometimes miss working at the middle school when I see things like this. Sometimes.