Thursday, March 4, 2010

Killer Cows eBook now available at and

Things are really exciting right now. Killer Cows is now available to order as an eBook at , and now I’m going into self-promotion mode, which is something I’ve never really done before. Ballyhooing my own self. Still, it’s part of the game for a new author these days. Like I’ve said before...I’m not exactly Stephanie Meyer yet.

But it’s been fun, posting the cover, sending the sell-sheet to friends, keeping this blog and my Facebook page updated, sending review copies to those who requested it (thanks, by the way).

I loved seeing my own IBSN number, loved seeing the retail price listed on the sell-sheet, loved it all so far.

I just spent the last two days sending emails of the sell-sheet and pre-order form to every independent bookstore with a web presence on the West Coast. I don’t know if this is the right way to create awareness of my book, but it seems like it. I’m halfway through the list of shops in California, and plan on branching out east over the next several days.

I had my first interview the other day, by the school newspaper where I teach. It was actually kind of amusing. I teach 7th grade, and it’s always amusing what kids want the answers to. I had more questions about my hair (which is pretty long) than about the book. Still, it was fun.

One of my colleagues bought a copy of the eBook, then printed, trimmed and bound it, then asked me to sign the cover. My first honest-to-goodness autograph. I could get used to that.

A blogsite called asked for a review copy of the book. They, too, have a YA title coming out from Echelon at roughly the same time. They also asked why I chose Echelon Press. My response was posted this week...the first promo for Killer Cows that wasn’t originated by me. Cool!

I love seeing Killer Cows offered among the other YA titles on the Echelon website, where you can now order it by going to Also cool was seeing it available at, which specializes in electronic fiction. The cost is $6.00 at either site.

Still, a have a lot of friends, students and colleagues who’d rather have it in paperback, which will be available this summer. I prefer paperbacks, too (love the smell and feel of them in my hand), and it can be pre-ordered right now by writing to Echelon at The paperback is $13.99, though there are discounts for retailers and libraries, hence my efforts to email as many of them as I can with ordering info. By pre-ordering before April, you’ll get the book long before it’s likely to appear in stores.

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  1. Congratulations on your novel, D.M.

    And thanks so much for giving us a review copy of COWS. Rachel Ruiz has posted her review at (check under the tab labeled RANDOM THINGS).

    Best of luck!