Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pirates Beware! by Karen Syed

Do you know what eBook piracy is? As the technologies of our society advance, so do the villians who abuse the power they have.

Have you or anyone you know downloaded a FREE copy of an eBook that is selling somewhere legally? You know the sites, they claim that since they bought it they have the right to resell it. They do not. This may work with many things, but consider the fact that an author and a publisher use the income of sales to keep their businesses running.

If you download an eBook from a site that is not legally authorized to sell it, they are stealing and you are stealing. You are stealing income from not one source, but two. The author and the publisher.

If you think you have found a pirate site, don’t repost it to your forums or groups, this just spreads the opportunity for more lost sales. Instead, send the link directly to the author and the publisher.

If you want to continue having access to inexpensive and wildly entertaining eBooks from your favorite authors, don’t support piracy.

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